I accidentally locked myself out on the roof of Facebook this morning during my enforced radioactive quarantine period. I had to be rescued by a member of my team (Thanks, Mario!). Fortunately, I couldn’t have picked a better day to be stuck on the roof, with the iPhone registering a whopping 22 degrees C. This was the view:

I had some good news today: my bone scan came back clear. I won’t know the results of the CAT scan (which shows whether the cancer has reached my organs or not) for another couple of days, so fingers crossed for that.

It was my last physical day at Facebook before I head to the UK, and our team mascot, Oops the Llama, somehow found his way into my bag. Last time I took Oops on a journey, I accidentally left him on a hen do in Leeds and he spent the next two weeks in jiffy bags being transported by snail mail back to Dublin via Essex, so I’m a little surprised my team thinks I’m responsible enough to look after him again. But it’ll be nice to have a bit of team spirit with me to keep me going.

My operation is penciled in for Saturday but it all depends on the assessment of the surgeon, who I am meeting for the first time on Thursday evening. I then expect a few weeks of recovery [read: chocolate and DVDs] before I return to Dublin, no doubt to find all sorts of moldy bread and dead plants in my flat, now that the Irish capital is experiencing semi-tropical temperatures.

Well this is a short one since I’m getting up at 4:30am to catch my flight to Manchester. I haven’t been up at such an ungodly hour since Bloomberg! It’ll be just like old times.