The surgeon is a very nice chap and wants to go ahead with my operation on Saturday morning. However, my health insurance company hasn’t even got the information yet and says it may take 10 days to approve the procedure. My parents are willing to pay for the extortionate private surgery in order to have it done on Saturday, but somehow they managed to raise my brother and I (sorry to drag you into this, Phil) to be the stingiest, thriftiest creatures on earth and I am damned if I’m going to pay for something I can potentially get for free! So, enter Operation Computer-Says-No. We have exactly 4 hours to convince the insurers to do what they would normally do in 10 days. Friday morning I will be mostly begging, pleading and whimpering until I get this operation approved. Then I’ll be off to Manchester again for some pre-operation preparation and further radioactive injections before squeezing in a quick cinema trip with my girls and finally a 6-hour fast before I go under the knife.


Impossible, Schmossible!