A Bit of a Boob

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the title. Clearly missed my calling as a headline writer for The Sun.

Operation 2012

Today has been an awesome day. The surgeon operated on the correct boob (phew!) and took out that nasty little tumour. He has even injected a little fat into it so it looks rather normal. The trouble is I have no idea where he got the fat from – will be checking for holes later! I am drugged up to the eyeballs, feeling no pain and having a wonderful time in what I can only describe as a 5-star hotel experience. The room has a computery thing with TV, films (somewhat depressing ones with Death in the title though – don’t think they really thought that one through), games etc.

Tea and toast

My superstar BFF Helen came over for a few hours and we drank tea, ate cake and then decided to play one of the computer games, which was basically a hangman-style Guess The Country. We got two right before stumbling on this little blighter. Now who on earth has heard of Tajikistan? Prizes if you can tell me where it is without using Google!

The doc had taken the tumour and lymph nodes away for examination and I will be told the results in a week or so. That will determine whether I need a second operation. The surgery was a wide local excision, where they basically take out the tumour plus a decent-sized area around it to test the margins. In other news, I have emerald green pee for 24 hours because of the dye they put in me to highlight and locate my lymph nodes. I will spare you the photo, but to be honest, I wouldn’t mind having green pee all the time. Sorry for the too much information! Finally, Oops the llama has been enjoying the hospital fare.

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