Six months ago, when I was still working as a journalist for Bloomberg News in Buenos Aires, I interviewed a lady called Ruth by phone for an article. I thought she sounded tired and irritated with me, and I came off the phone feeling annoyed at myself for asking dumb questions. A few days later, we received an email to say that Ruth had passed away, aged 46, after a long battle with breast cancer. I hadn’t known she had cancer, and I was the last person at Bloomberg to speak to her. She had worked right up until the very end, clearly never resigning herself to the fact that the cancer might beat her. I didn’t know Ruth personally, but her story still touched me – even more so now I know that I had cancer myself at the time – I found the lump two weeks later. I have read the blogs written by Ruth’s husband, himself a cancer doctor, and I wanted to mention her here because she seemed such a brave, incredible, inspiring woman, and she is exactly the reason why I’m determined to be strong and not allow this cancer to change my life for the worse.

A couple of months ago, whilst going about my daily life and probably feeling miserable about whatever ‘problems’ I had at the time, I stumbled upon the below piece of graffiti. I thought it was an excellent lesson to us all. Life is short, life is awesome, so we might as well live it. Enjoy it, celebrate it, be happy with yourselves and your bodies! (Just don’t post pictures of your breasts on Facebook, for I shall have to take them down.)

On a more lighthearted note, all the postman brought me today was a letter from the bank. And there were no chocolate or biscuits inside the envelope – imagine my horror!

In keeping with the spirit of posting photos of my food, here is an alternative take on the traditional boiled egg with toast soldiers. I used crumpet soldiers instead. A culinary masterpiece, if I do say so myself. (Might I start a food blog after the cancer is gone, I wonder? Hmm, maybe not.)

And finally, the topic of coconut M&Ms has been trending and there’s been much intrigue into what these delicious little nuggets of chocolate gold may hold. I don’t know if you’re ready for it, but here is an intersection of the coconut M&M – quelle surprise! I had imagined a white, dessicated coconut, Bounty-type middle. Who’d ‘a thunk it?