One month of rain in two days, they said. The most rain in a century, they said. They didn’t lie. It hasn’t stopped raining for approximately 32 hours – diagonal, aggressive, Irish kind of rain, in the heart of West Yorkshire. I wish I had gone for my daily walk when it was still sunny yesterday.

Sarah Long requested a photo of the lovely postie, but the truth is I didn’t even get to see him today because a) I was on a conference call and b) he probably dashed away in his anorak so fast you wouldn’t get a look-in. He did deliver me two cards though, which were soaked through to the skin with rain. I feel a bit sorry for the postie in this weather – perhaps I should invite him in for a cup of tea and some biscuits next time.

Anyway, my best pal Helen sent me this lovely card of a lady practicing her leg exercises. I can only assume it is in reference to the leg exercises she saw me practicing in my surgical stockings last Saturday.

It’s hard to believe I haven’t ventured further than 10 minutes’ walk from the house since Saturday, and so when it got to 5pm and it still hadn’t stopped raining, I decided to make the short walk to Britain’s last surviving post office to send off my health insurance claim.

Now, it seems that going out in your father’s extra-large and practically full-length anorak does wonders for hiding fashion faux-pas including stuck-down armpits, additional biscuit-flab, greasy hair and the wearing of pyjamas. Check out this rain-soaked pic from my return – I thought it was necessary to take the photo of myself in a mirror, just as those cool fashionista types do in their daily blogs. Obviously fashion blogging is the natural next step for me if my biscuit blog doesn’t take off.

I have been working from home (i.e. bed) for the past two days and today I had my first Skype conference call with my manager (I had to get dressed for this). As soon as I switched on my Skype video, I realised she would be able to see the photos of the 16-year-old me and Michelle posing in identical skimpy dresses, which have been on my bedroom wall since the summer of 1999. 

Now is probably a good time to reveal what happened when I did a 2-hour Skype interview with Facebook from my apartment in Buenos Aires earlier this year (in fact, just a few days after that fateful day when the Argentine doctors misdiagnosed my breast cancer):

My dear friend Beth had come to stay with me in Argentina and I had taken a day off work.

Beth: “What time’s your Facebook interview?”

Me: “12 o’clock til 2pm.”

Beth: “Ok, I’m going up to sunbathe on the roof, I promise I won’t come back into the flat between 12 and 2.”

Me: “Great, thanks.”

So, there I am at 12:28, minding my own business and fully engrossed in my Skype interview with the HR recruiter back in chilly Dublin, when what should happen but I see in my own Skype video no other than my dear friend Beth walking behind me, scantily clad in her bikini!  Not only did Beth disappear into her room to grab her towel, she then came out of the room wrapped only in a towel, crossed back in front of the Skype video, and did the same again after having a shower! I could hardly Adam and Eve it. Fortunately the recruiter blinked at just the right moment and I am still convinced to this day that they didn’t see a thing. [Until now, of course] It’s either that, or Beth’s minor flashing incident got me the job.

Coincidentally, Beth is coming to visit me tomorrow. I know she has a huge penchant for biscuits of any variety, and I spotted these ones today that I thought she might enjoy: