All Caked Up and Cancer-Free

Just a very quick update today to say that my results came back and thankfully the cancer didn’t spread to my lymph nodes, the surgery was a success and… I guess this means I’m footloose and cancer-free! There are no words to express how grateful I am to my amazing, incredible, life-saving surgeon at the Christie hospital in Manchester. (Perhaps I should send him some biscuits?)

Anyway, I am celebrating the fantastic news by eating this piece of delicious chocolate cake from my pal James:

In other news, I was disappointed to find out that the extra fat for my boob didn’t actually come from my bingo wings but from my boob itself… The pain in my bingo-wing area is apparently related to some something else.

I still have the fertility question to think about, and I will be meeting my oncologist next week to discuss chemotherapy and the next steps. But for now I plan to head to Dublin for a few days of normality and a bit of a celebration. Yay!

To read the original version of this post with images and comments, see Facebook Notes: https://www.facebook.com/notes/372114777312858/


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