There is little cancer-related news to update you on this Sunday evening so instead I shall tell you, in the style of a nine-year-old’s English essay entitled ‘What I did on my holidays,’ about the fabulous cancer-free weekend I have just enjoyed, and which is not yet over.

It began on Friday 13th. It is never a good idea to travel on Friday 13th, and especially not on the first Friday afternoon of the British school bank holidays, as was evident when I turned up at Manchester airport at 3pm to a security queue that extended outside the main airport doors and into the car park. It was definitely the first time ever that I have entered the airport and got all the way to security, only to be told to join the back of the queue outside the airport. Fortunately I made it to my flight on time, and the advantage of flying Aer Lingus and not Ryanair was that they allowed me to board with my extra bag full of biscuits and chocolate goods that I intend to share with my colleagues on Monday (did you seriously think I was going to eat all that stuff by myself?!)

On Friday afternoon I joined the Facebook summer party and, in practice for my upcoming hair loss, where I will be mostly wearing pink wigs and other faux hair accessories, I donned enormous red false eyelashes and formed a girlband with my teammates. This is what resulted:



The rest of the abnormally rain-free Dublin weekend was spent taking in the sights and sounds of the Irish capital and mostly doing what I like to do best: eating, or namely brunching with my incredible friend Sarah, who came all the way from London to help me celebrate my new cancer-free status. Here are some pictures of the brunches I had:


Saturday at Juniors –

Poached eggs with crispy bacon on soda bread (Amaze ≠1)

Sunday at Farmer Browns – Free range chicken and poached egg with mint hollandaise sauce on crusty farmhouse loaf with coffee (Amaze ≠2)


(Obviously stocking up on poached eggs in some vain hope of boosting my own egg-count in time for the egg freezing, which I have decided to go ahead with.)


The weekend ended with a rain-free but wind-swept walk along the beach and I will be heading back to Manchester on Tuesday to find out the next steps for my chemotherapy and egg freezing.


Finally, I urge you all to try an app I discovered, called Alike, which allows you to take a photo of yourself and be presented in return with a photo of a random celebrity to whom you bare absolutely no resemblance (see pics below). I am proud to be able to say that I am one of only two out of a group of six friends who apparently bares a likeness to a celebrity of my own sex. (Of course, I am only posting this because I am apparently the only one of my mates who looks like Jessica Alba, but at least it’ll give me something to look back on when I lose my hair…)