The most stressful time of my life culminated at exactly 12:13 today, when I decided I would definitely not go ahead with the fertility treatment. One Dublin doctor threw me off course a bit this morning after he told me to go for it, but my gut feeling eventually won me over, and fortunately friends and family all got in touch to back me up. The conclusion was that it’s better to protect my own life than risk it to try and have babies in future.

Here is a list of the advantages of my decision, to make me feel better:

1) I won’t risk increasing the chances of the cancer coming back

2) No nasty injections on my birthday

3) I can have chemo sooner and may be done by Christmas

4) I just saved myself £5,000 – cha-ching!

So, the next step is to concentrate on my chemo, and tomorrow hails more hospital appointments and a bit of wig shopping, since apparently I won’t feel up to doing this once I start chemo. I am planning on using the opportunity to have the hair I always wanted, so I may be channeling Kate Middleton or perhaps a Zooey Deschanel fringe. Proper wigs are incredibly expensive, so while I would like to have one in every colour, I’ll probably get a maximum of 3, so maybe a couple of brunettes and a crazy red one…

2012 AFP

In homage to my penchant for wigs, here is a selection of my faves. (I promise I will not do this ridiculous pout for the next 6 months):

Purple wig – Mexico, 2003

Pink wig – Leeds, 2012

Blue wig – London, 2010

I received a complaint yesterday that I had posted no food pics, just as I was finishing off a massive barbecue cooked by my incredible pals Lindsey and Nathan. Unfortunately I was having an off-day and didn’t take any food pics, but I managed to take this shot of me shlurping an amazing Dixons ice-cream just in the nick of time. So this one’s for you, Kimm! (P.S. This one is my real hair).

Finally a shout-out to my colleague Dafne, who took my place in the 10k race I was supposed to be running in Dublin on Sunday. She ran it in about 50 minutes, which is a few minutes faster than I would’ve run it, so I’m considering asking her to do all my races in future!