No sooner had I arrived in Dublin than I find myself packing to leave once again. In the past 10 months, I’ve lived in six different properties in three different countries in two different continents. London to Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires to Dublin, four different moves within Dublin and finally, Dublin to Huddersfield. I had only just shipped my stuff from England to Ireland when I found out I had cancer, and now here I am clearing out my lovely little flat to ship my stuff back to the UK so I can rent it out while I’m away. Ah, the life of a nomad.

One thing I notice while packing up my wares is how little of it I actually use regularly. I survived for six months in Argentina and 3 years in Brazil with nothing more than two suitcases, and now, packing up a car’s worth of belongings, I realise I can survive without most of it. I must have more than 500 items of clothing, 20 pairs of shoes (I realise I am still below the national average there), at least 20 dresses… and yet I pretty much wear the same pair of jeans every single day and rotate two items of footwear, depending on the weather situation. Why do we need all this stuff? I throw away heaps of things every time I move and I have given 6 huge bin bags full of clothes to charity already in 2012, but still I have a pile of possessions I rarely use. It is so therapeutic to have a good old spring clean and I very much intend to do one when I am recovered from my first round of chemo.

I had my last day at Facebook Dublin for a while today, since I won’t be allowed to travel during chemotherapy because of the risk of becoming infected on planes, trains and… in the workplace. So I thought I’d make the most of the amazing canteen at the office these last few days and stocked up on as much healthy fruit and veg and Facebook food as possible. See below my usual Friday healthy bacon and egg breakfast and fruit, and the strawberry shortbreads I had for dessert at lunchtime. I will miss this food! (And the good people of Facebook).

Goodbye Dublin, see you in a few months. And thank you for bringing me a little sunshine these past few days.