A year or so ago, I bid £850 for my dream Olympics tickets – athletics, gymnastics, trampolining and swimming. Unfortunately, my bid came back with a big fat zero tickets, so I entered the second round and eventually came back about £250 worse off with tickets for the women’s football final, women’s weightlifting and a men’s football semi at Old Trafford. Many months later, one of my best friends decided to get married on the day of the Old Trafford game, and more recently, chemotherapy blighted my chances of getting to the women’s football final. So, determined that women’s weightlifting wouldn’t be my only experience of London 2012, I found myself paying £190 for two last-minute tickets to the gymnastics qualifiers.

At £95 a head, the tickets claimed to offer a ‘bar stool’ seat at North Greenwich Arena, so I wasn’t expecting much. My friend Helen has zero interest in sport and barely knew the Olympics were on until I invited her to come with me, so I would say her expectations were also pretty low. So, imagine our surprise when we rocked up at the arena yesterday and found that our seats – i.e. the most expensive bar stools we ever paid to sit on – turned out to be in a private suite, with sofas and an amazing view of the arena!

Never one to attend an event without themed accessories, Helen had hot-footed it to Primarni earlier in the day and bought us these fetching £1.30 One Team One Dream pants to show our support for the British gymnasts. Unfortunately, Team GB wasn’t competing in last night’s qualifiers, but the pants were a hit with some local soldiers, and I am pretty sure Team Romania and Team Japan appreciated our efforts.

I can’t say we had any idea how the scoring worked, but we did enjoy ourselves thoroughly in our little suite with top-quality fish and chips, turkey sandwiches and onion rings! I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed with my standard £45 women’s weightlifting tickets on Wednesday now though…

Finally, I’d just like to offer a word of explanation to some of the people who may be reading my blog across the globe. I set up a Twitter account some time around 2010 to post Bloomberg News stories and, during my time in Argentina last year, I amassed some 189 Twitter followers. These are mostly Argentine oil analysts/traders/executives looking out for the news I used to write about the Buenos Aires-based energy company, YPF. As many of you know, when I got diagnosed with breast cancer, I set up this blog on Facebook but I started to receive requests to view the blog from people who weren’t on Facebook, so I set it up on WordPress, which automatically publishes the posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead of creating a whole new Twitter account, I just changed the email address and description on my Bloomberg one, and I have noticed when looking at the stats on WordPress that I have a pretty decent readership in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and the U.S. So, if you are a slightly confused oil trader, wondering why you’re getting posts in your Twitter feed from some food-obsessed, false-eyelash-clad, Olympic-attending, wig-wearing cancer survivor, now you know why! Feel free to unsubscribe, but I’d love for you to stay tuned!