Tuesday was a good wig day. I stumbled upon a wonderful, discreet little place in London called Bloomsbury Wigs, where a lovely, friendly, considerate, gentle, knowledgeable young lady – completely the opposite of her Mancunian counterpart – managed to squeeze me in for a very last-minute wig fitting and showed me through her full stock of barnets. They were more reasonably priced than the Selfridges ones, at around £200 each. I liked almost all of them and would have gone home with about 12, had I not had to leave in an excitable rush after 40 minutes to run to the Selfridges appointment I’d already made. I walked away with a simple wig from Bloomsbury, practically identical to the way my own hair was a year and a half ago. I noted down a few more that I may buy at a later date, as well as a few colours I liked, including ‘Ginger Brown,’ to make sure I’m at least partially similar to my future donor-sperm/egg ginger offspring.

I then headed to Selfridges with my friend Big Ginger Danie, who was completely biased toward the ginger wig (Option 1 from the post entitled Choices), but the specialist chemotherapy consultant, Gary, told me it was completely unsuitable for my skin tone and, not only did I look like Nicola from Girls Aloud in it, but the length and colour were inappropriate for my colouring. So, ginger wig out of the way, I tried on a few brunette numbers that were more reasonably priced. I wasn’t 100% sure about any of them, but eventually succumbed and purchased a big-haired Rachel-from-Friends-20-years-ago layered, brunette number that makes me look a bit like I’m in the 1950s but is otherwise quite nice. I decided to wear one of my new barnets for a glass of champagne on the roof of Selfridges with Danie in celebration of my birthday and many a new hairstyle. Thank you again to Valdimir for the generous Selfridges voucher that bought said 1950s wig, and thank you Danie for the Selfridges trip – again, I will make you wear the wig if I decide against it!

My faithful Yorkshire hairdresser, Sarah, has agreed to come in on her day off on Monday and I have decided to get my hair cut very short instead of shaving it off completely. As some people pointed out, there is the tiniest chance on earth that it may not fall out so it seems a bit drastic to shave it off before I even begin, but since the chances are high, I figured it’ll spare myself the distress if I go for the pixie chop straight away and be done with it. Any suggestions before Monday?

I had my hair cut very short exactly two years ago and asked for a Lily Allen cut at the time. Funnily enough, today in the doctor’s waiting room I saw this more recent pic of Lily Allen and wondered if it was a sign. I know I won’t have the hair cut for long before it starts to fall out, but at least I can try and have something nice temporarily…

Ok, that’s enough about hair until Monday.