It wasn’t exactly how I’d always imagined it. Waking up on my 30th birthday, having travelled around the world and back and bitten a serious chunk into my career for the past decade, in my childhood bed at my parents’ home, where I’ll be spending the next few months. Feeling somewhat depressed about the prospect of doing little other than cure cancer for the first year of my 30s, I headed to the local surgery for my appointment to re-register with my childhood doctor. In the waiting room, I wondered how I came to be spending my 30th birthday doing a urine test and preparing to start chemo treatment a few days after this huge milestone. Ho, hum.

Things improved as the day went on. The postman has stopped bothering to ring the doorbell and ask us to sign for things now – even Recorded Delivery items – because he knows I have received so many parcels in the past month or so and he’s seen me in my pyjamas at two o’clock in the afternoon so many times that he just can’t be bothered to stick to usual procedures with the Price family any more. I am not going to list all my wonderful birthday presents here and I will thank you all individually in the next week or so, but I just wanted to highlight a few of the more ‘interesting’ things that came through the post or were delivered by hand. There was a gorgeous bouquet of purple and blue (my favourite colours) flowers with a box of chocolates and I still have no idea who these are from as the card doesn’t give the person’s name – so please own up if you sent these!

I can’t get away without mentioning the fantastic ‘bunny’ onesie I received from Michelle and Lindsey last night. Not only is this a very thoughtful present because I will be needing a warm, comfy outfit to wear over my pyjamas during the next few months of chemo, but also I cannot wait to see the postie’s face when I answer the door wearing this high-fashion number next week!

Later in the afternoon, I came out of my depressed self-pity stage and headed out to my friend Michelle’s wedding rehearsal to practice my bridesmaids moves to shimmy down the aisle tomorrow. I am to be the first of the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle and am possibly more nervous about this than the bride herself. I may have to rely on following the 8-year-old flower girl in front of me, who seems quietly confident about her own role in the proceedings.

After the wedding rehearsal, I went for dinner at Restaurant Bar & Grill in Leeds with my parents and group of best friends. The food pics I took didn’t come out brilliantly so I will instead post this pic of an Espresso Martini, which is my favourite cocktail in the world, so I thought I’d allow myself a cheeky birthday treat:

Half way through dinner, Helen instigated a round of musical chair-style shuffling around so we could mingle with those at the other end of the rectangular table, speed-dating stylee. Somehow, after the re-shuffle, Helen accidentally picked up my Dad’s water glass and began drinking from it. She thought it tasted a little fishy but it was only when she got closer to the bottom and nearly choked on a morsel of prawn that she realised there was indeed a remnant of my father’s prawn tempura in the glass. “It must’ve dropped into the glass,” Dad said later, when questioned about the incident. Here is a picture of Helen, perplexed, inspecting the offending prawn glass.

You won’t hear from me until Sunday as I’m off now to fulfill my bridesmaid duties for a spot of nail-painting and the bride’s last night of unweddedness. I will report back on Sunday as to whether I managed not to trip down the aisle in my enormous new gold shoes.