I thoroughly enjoyed my last weekend of relatively carefree merriment before the real fun (aka chemotherapy) begins. This weekend was one of girlie fun and pampering with my best friends of 15 years as we geared up for the wedding of my wonderful BFF Michelle and her new husband, Ed.

My role as bridesmaid went pretty smoothly, I managed not to trip and stumble down the aisle and actually ended up following the confident three-year-old flower girl instead of the eight-year-old. My only faux pas came when I accidentally took a photo during the ceremony and was publicly scolded by the vicar, whose previous warning about the No-Photo policy I had missed as I was one of the last to enter the church. The bride was predictably stunning, the weather unpredictably marvelous and the whole day absolutely wonderful.

Three months ago, I had arranged a choreographed dance class as part of the hen party, for all Michelle’s girlfriends to learn the dance to Cheryl Cole’s Fight for this Love with a view to doing a comedy rendition at the wedding reception. (See link for comedian Rufus Hound’s spoof performance from 2010). We hadn’t practiced the dance since May and since then I had had my surgery and a couple of the other girls also weren’t expecting to be able to do the dance. However, we still felt we ought to do it, so we found ourselves doing a last-minute practice at 10pm in the middle of the wedding reception. Unfortunately, on the stroke of midnight when the DJ finally played Fight for this Love and announced that Michelle’s hens were about to do a sparkling choreographed performance of said dance routine, my two trusty sidekick bridesmaids were both in the bathroom and I found myself desperately trying to piece together a routine with the drunken bride in front of an expectant crowd of 150 people! A cracking end to a wonderful weekend – I can’t wait to see the videos of our ‘performance’!

I said I wouldn’t mention hair again until Monday, but on Friday I received a delivery of five wigs from an online wig company and I have to decide which one(s) I like best and send the others back. So here’s a quick Sunday-evening photoshoot run-down for anyone who wishes to opine. Tomorrow I am going for the big chop.

1. Brandi – Chestnut


2. Misha – Auburn Sugar (fringe would need cutting)


3. Misha – Cayenne Spice (Dad: “You look like a Japanese footballer”)


4. Joanna – Burgundy Rosa


5. Avril – Dark Ruby


I had been feeling very depressed in the run-up to the wedding but this weekend was so much fun and really showed me how much people care about me and how important it is to spend quality time with your friends and family. Yesterday was an entire day without internet and Facebook (but for a few minutes Instagramming a little magic into some wedding photos) and, as obsessed as I am with technology and social media, it was wonderful to have that time dedicated to offline enjoyment and real connecting. Talking to a friend about different people’s reactions to breast cancer this weekend, it really hit home how vital it is to talk to people about it, not avoid the subject and make time to completely escape the issue with friends. I will remind myself of that next time I’m feeling miserable.

Finally, tonight is my last night of having my nice long hair, which took me two years to grow, so I’m saying goodbye to it with a touch of sadness. It performed its duties well during the wedding, going into its first bun since I used to enter trampolining competitions when I was 14. Here is a picture of said bun to commemorate the occasion. Note this was also my first real foray into the world of red lippy, and I think I may be a convert. Michelle will eat her hat.