Today I went for the big chop, in preparation for chemotherapy tomorrow. Having my hair fall out in big clumps is one of the most traumatic things I can imagine, so I thought it would be best to go for the shortest pixie crop I could muster, and I am quite liking it so far. Massive thanks to my hairdresser, Sarah, who came in on her day off just for me. Here’s the before and after:











My mother made me a sandwich yesterday on some of that strange bread that’s a cross between brown and white. When questioned about said bread, she explained that she has acquired a book of foods to eat when undergoing chemotherapy. I flipped through the book today and it seems that among the things I’ve got to look forward to over the next few months are steamed peach mousse, creamed asparagus and prawns, avocado puree with orange… basically baby food. When I mentioned that I wasn’t expecting to lose my teeth during chemotherapy, she explained that your tastes change during treatment. My throat may ache, I may want ‘smooth’ foods instead of crunchy ones… She has really been reading up on things.

Chemo can also cause sickness, as you probably know, so the house is fully stocked with ginger ale, ginger biscuits, Fry’s peppermint cream bars and all manner of drugs and remedies to counter any unwanted side effects. I also received an intriguing ice-lolly maker from my brother and sister-in-law, which allows me to make ice lollies out of virtually anything, to be eaten with ease when my mouth isn’t feeling up to anything much. And, in the event that none of these unwanted side effects ever arrive, I got a lovely gift of a ‘normal’ recipe book from Kimm today too. Those who know me well know that food is one of my biggest passions, so these next few months are sure to be challenging. Fortunately I polished off the whole box of amazing different-flavoured fudge sent to me by my favourite Bloomberg-saleswoman-turned-fudge maker Tracy before any of the chemo side effects have chance to kick in. I will tell you one thing: If anyone can get through chemotherapy with full appetite intact, it’s me! Watch this space…