The nurses were right – steroids do give you insomnia. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night so have been in bed all day in some sort of sleep-coma, not really sleeping, just feeling very heavy-headed and unable to do much else. It is a shame the sleep-coma decided to come on one of the sunniest days of the year in beautiful Yorkshire.

I noticed that the hits on my WordPress blog shot up yesterday and today. Thinking it was a result of my promotional efforts, I just did a quick check of the search engine terms people are using. Here are the top four:



2 north greenwich arena basketball suite bar stool

2 bar stool within a suite north greenwich arena?

1 north greenwich arena bar stool seats


Well, flip back to my July 30 blog entry One Team One Dream and it would seem that I have catapulted myself into an official Olympics promoter. Search for ‘north greenwich arena bar stool seats’ and my blog comes up fifth in the Google search. LOCOG should be paying me royalties for my stellar promotional efforts!

While I was having my chemo drugs infused on Tuesday, the nurse told me one of their other chemo patients, an older lady, uses her infusion time to practice her opera singing and turns up wearing a different wig for every session. Last time she turned up in a Queen Elizabeth barnet! Should I be getting me one of those? (Just as a follow-up to previous posts, I took all your advice and have ordered the Brandi and the Joanna, on top of the ones I already had.)

Chemotherapy drugs apparently target any fast-growing cells, so that’s why hair and nails are affected on top of the baddie cancer cells. I have been told to don dark nail varnish for next session as some of the chemo drugs can make your nails go black. I wish I hadn’t taken off the bright red polish from Michelle’s wedding on Saturday! As for my hair, the elfin crop is still going strong and hopefully my hair won’t start falling out for another week or so yet.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this picture of one of my ‘birthday cards’. My Mum had her first foray into creating cards on Photobox the other week and genuinely thought she had ordered me a nice card complete with cat photos and the likes. It turned out she had created this massive poster. Bless.


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