The time seems to have flown since my last chemo and this time next week hopefully I’ll have completed round three and will be half way through my six cycles. Yesterday was my first weekday without a post-lunch injection and I must say, it’s a great feeling knowing I have a completely needle-free week! That said, my veins are really sore and this will get worse as the course goes on.

Because of the setback last time where my blood count wasn’t back up to standard, I will be going to the hospital on Monday for tests to save time on Tuesday, so fingers crossed for next week.

In the mean time, I’m trying to relax as much as possible and have booked myself in for some nail treatment on Friday. I tried to book a massage too and was told they don’t do massage for chemotherapy patients – charming! I knew I wasn’t able to have aromatherapy treatment during chemo (though I can’t imagine why not) but I really can’t see why I can’t have a massage. I could particularly do with a head massage right now after all those uncomfortable, itchy wigs…

In an exciting start to the week, I went for a dental check-up yesterday. Since visiting the dentist is not the most relaxing activity, my Dad (who still thinks I am five) drove me home via a local farm shop to browse the vast array of local produce (cheese, etc) as well as to browse the goats, chickens and guinea pigs in their viewing pen! I’m not sure what use ostriches have in West Yorkshire, but I have to admit I did quite enjoy my five-minute glance at the baby chicks and cute goats, especially since Nurse Molly has evidently decided I’m well enough to fend for myself now.