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What The Postman Brought

Firstly, thank you to Bryan for explaining why I can’t have a massage during chemo. Apparently, the drugs go to certain places, like the lymph nodes, and they need to stay there, whereas a massage could dislodge them from where they’re meant to be. Or something like that. Makes sense. One of the nurses told me about a complimentary service at a nearby hospice where I can get a massage from specially cancer-trained people, so hopefully I can still go for that at some point.

In the last few days before chemo, there’s (thankfully) very little cancer-related news, so instead I thought I would tell you what the postman brought this week (apart from various medical bills, receipts and bank statements, which you don’t need to know about).

Parcel #1 – Delivery of my three new Bold Beanies hats in a selection of colours. I ordered these because I’ve been wearing my first one all the time at home and it needs a wash. I have also offered to model the beanies for creator Emilienne’s site because, quite frankly, I think they look much better on a real bald person than on a mannequin head! If you know anyone going through cancer who’s lost their hair, please do pass on my recommendation about these beanies. As much as I love Valerie, Brandi, Joana and friends., you just don’t realise how uncomfortable wigs are until you have to wear one for several hours!

Parcel #2 – My first Graze ‘nibblebox’. I’ve been ignoring the offers in the newspapers to get a free ‘Graze’ box for about three years now and I’m not usually lured by these sorts of ‘deals’ where you have to enter your credit card details to get the freebie. But, since nutrition is pretty darn important for me right now and I’m mostly holed up in bed at home, I thought it might be nice to receive a box of healthy-ish snacks in the post once a week. There was also the allure of having to go onto the website and ‘rate’ all the different foods on a scale of ‘Bin’ (that’s ‘Trash’ to you Americans) to ‘Send Soon’. Well, anyone who has ever spent an ounce of time with me knows that the secret to my happiness is food, so rating different snacks is up there with booking dinner in my fave restaurant.

I immediately ‘Binned’ all the yucky olives but rated everything else on the website either ‘Like,’ ‘Love’ or ‘Send Soon’. The good people at Graze then (allegedly) personally put together a balanced box full of nibbles and send them out once a week in the post. After your first free box, you can pay for the privilege of your next box for the not-especially-cheap price of £3.89, including delivery. Since I have been promised my first and fifth box entirely gratis, I thought I could just about stump up the pennies for the second, third and fourth.

The first box arrived today containing Japanese seaweed rice crackers, baked soy bites with thai sweet chili dipping sauce, orange and ginger flapjack and a mix of pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate giant buttons and cranberries. I can’t say any of this is the healthiest food in the world, but it’s probably better for me than eating a kilo of coconut M&Ms (but that’s not a dig, cousins Damian and Nick!) I ate all of the above, save for two of the flapjacks, this lunchtime and rather enjoyed myself. If any of you in the UK fancy having a free graze box ordered to your desk or home, just click here and enter the code H997J1DD (and yes, this gets me £1 off my next box too, so everyone’s a winner. Go on, you know you want to).

Well, I don’t really want my blog turning into an advertising space, so I’ll stop there for now.  I’m pretty sure the likes of Jimmy Choo and Chanel will be sending me freebies before I know it.


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