Next time I start a blog post with “In your face, insomnia,” please stop me. It wasn’t very wise. The steroids made sure I only slept for an hour at a time for the next few days, despite the fact that I felt (and still very much feel) like I’ve been hit around the head with a sledgehammer.

As soon as I got home from hospital on Tuesday, I switched on the electric heater in my room and tucked myself up in bed as the central heating was broken. I wasn’t quite bargaining on the heating being fixed within an hour though, and by that time the two cats had joined me in the warmest room in the house so I spent the first night sweating profusely under the weight of them as I tossed and turned in boiling temperatures.

I have remained in bed since then. Round three has definitely been much worse than round two. I think it’s partly because I had four weeks to recover from round one, partly because they artificially prepared me for this round with steroids when my body wasn’t really ready, and partly because chemo has a cumulative effect and makes you more tired as you go along.

I felt more sick this time, my veins have gone hard and my whole body is aching from the daily injections as if I’ve done three hours of spinning followed by four hours of weights and then a marathon. Still, I am half way through chemo, and that’s something to celebrate!

You may have heard about the flooding in Yorkshire and parts of the northeast of England. Well, it is definitely still raining but I can confirm the floods haven’t affected us. I have been much more concerned about the fact that both my parents have had a bad cold since Wednesday, so we’ve been washing our hands 60 times a day and doing everything to avoid me getting infected. So far I seem to be cold-free, which I can only imagine is due to the sheer amount of drugs they’ve given me to boost my immune system and things like that.

Fortunately, there’s been a healthy flow of post this week to keep me amused and happy as I drift in and out of slumber. Amongst the postal treats, I had lots of exciting books and DVDs and some chocolate-flavoured bath bombs (thank you, Alice!), pictured below with some Reese’s peanut butter cups fresh from South Carolina (I asked my pal Alex to send me some Southern fried chicken but she said the postman’s hands would get too greasy, so I let her off). I also had a couple of lovely cards, and a Graze box full of nuts and seeds and chocolate buttons, which kept me amused for a couple of hours on Thursday.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better in a few days. The only thing you can do with chemotherapy is sleep and wait for time to make things feel better. I think I’ll go and relax with another bath bomb for a while…