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A Candy Pink Announcement

Hi, I’m Candy Pink and I’m 30 years old. Earlier this year, I found a lump in my breast. I went straight to the doctor and was fortunate enough to have discovered the cancer before it had chance to spread anywhere else in my body. I am now half way through chemotherapy treatment and feel lucky every day that I found the cancer when I did.

October is breast cancer awareness month all over the world. If you’re reading this blog, then you are no doubt fully aware of the existence of breast cancer. But when was the last time you actually checked your breasts?

It only takes a minute, and it’s easy. You’re not just looking for a lump, but any change in appearance, a rash, discolouration, discharge or pain.

If you find anything unusual, make an appointment with your doctor straight away. In most cases it will be nothing to worry about, but ignoring it is the absolute worst thing you can do. If I had ignored my symptoms, I could have lost a lot more than just my hair.

Men: this does not just apply to your wife, sister, girlfriend or mother. Men can have breast cancer too, so check yourself out right now.

Take a look at this link on the Breast Cancer Care UK website for more information:

To see the video for this post:

Whatever you do, don’t ignore this message. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “A Candy Pink Announcement

  1. And make sure you have your cervical smear tests too. I was only 26 when a regular check (contraceptive pill) showed that I had stage 1 cancer, after treatment I went on and had 3 children !! So def worth keeping those screening appointments xx

  2. Bryan Foat says:

    Para Laura:

    Hola Bonita.
    Yo solo le agregarìa que a veces no hay ninguno de esos sìntomas y sì lo detectan las imàgenes de los estudios. Por eso es importante realizarlos con la frecuencia recomendada por los mèdicos. Asì me pasò a mi: fui al primer control despuès de la lactancia y se viò en la mamografìa y ecografìa.
    Nada diferencte habìa en la apariencia.
    Solo pudo destacar que tenìa un cansancio enorme y que no llegaba a reponerme con las horas de sueño (que no eran las deseadas teniendo a mi bebè chiquito).
    Y queda muy claro a a cualquiera le puede pasar, aùn sin antecedentes familiares.
    El “pink” te queda fabuloso.
    Besos y abrazos porteños para vos.
    Adriana (con un poquito de ayuda de Bryan)

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