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The Gene Test Result

After an agonising 8-week wait, I finally got the results of the gene test when I was half-asleep this morning. Amazingly, I tested negative and got the all-clear for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene faults. This is great news not only for me but also for my family, as we can just about assume none of us inherited the gene mutation (and perhaps Granny Hetty never had it after all). PHEW! This means several things (I feel a list coming on…):

1) I can keep my original boobies!

2) I won’t have to have a double mastectomy and try to make new boobs out of my back muscle/stomach flab (so I’ll stop eating all the pies now).

3) I will be able to proceed with radiotherapy in Dublin in January, dates pending – watch out Dublin & FB, here I come!

4) I should be able to have baby Priceys some day without having to worry about passing on nasty harmful genes to them.

Hooray! Now that really is a weight off my mind.

There is still a decent chance I could get breast cancer in my untreated breast at some point in my lifetime (30% over the next 60 years, compared to about 5% for a woman who has never had breast cancer), but apparently this is not enough to merit a preventative mastectomy. I may be able to have further tests in 5-6 years to see if I inherited a different condition that caused my breast cancer, and there’s a chance I could look at having a mastectomy then, but for now the decision is that the boobies are staying put! My ovarian cancer risk is also about as low as that of any person, as far as I understand. So, happy news all round.

Fortunately, I had some fabulous girlfriends to stay for the weekend, which took my mind off waiting for the phone to ring with my results. As you can see, we had a great time frolicking in the Yorkshire countryside in our wellies, and later trying on all my wigs. My legs are now sore from all the up-hill walking in wellies, and I’m feeling drugged up from the steroids and ready for a good sleep.

(Here we are pictured hanging from a tree that must’ve fallen in the past few days’ incredibly strong wind and rain!)

Wig Party!

(Both photos courtesy of Miss Sophie Austin!)

The No-Sugar Diet

In other news, I just wanted to clarify to you all that I am staying off sugar for good, as I don’t think I made it clear in my previous blogs. The reason for giving up sugar in the first place was that there are very strong links between sugar and cancer, and drastically reducing my refined sugar intake is one of the ways I can try and prevent my cancer from recurring. I am looking forward to meeting the nutritionist in two weeks to find out more, but it seems eating refined sugar in things like chocolate and baked goods can cause my cancer cells to grow and thrive, so the best thing I can do is cut it out as much as possible.

As my weekend visitors know, I may have lapsed slightly with a certain sticky toffee and ginger pudding and some delicious chocolates, brownie and cookies, but I am now back on the no-sugar diet. As with all temptations in life, it’s pretty tough to cut it out 100%, so the plan is just to have tiny amounts of sweet goodies occasionally, but cut them out on the whole. So if you’re stopping through the Shepley area and fancy popping in to help me through my backlog of sweeties, please do stop by!

It’s the final chemo tomorrow! I think I will be practically dancing around with joy in a 10 days’ time when I’m through the worst of it!



10 thoughts on “The Gene Test Result

  1. Lisa Dawson says:

    Congratulations!! That is amazing news, bet you are over the moon. And also over the moon to be having your last chemo tomorrow, heaven. Am truly jealous! Have 5th on Weds and FINAL ONE on 19th Dec. Yippee. Am truly impressed by the no sugar deal as well. Well done for all! Lisa x

  2. Caroline says:

    Congratulations on the negative gene test results Laura, that really is fantastic news! All the best for your FINAL chemo and keep up the good work with the blog, it makes great reading. Caroline in Nottingham x

  3. Adriana Tomalino says:

    Excelente noticia!!!!! No podìas haber dado niguna mejor!!! Me alegro tanto, no te imagiàs cuànto!! No tendràs que pasar por un sufrimiento fìsico espantoso, porque cuando te hacen una mastectomìa te duele hasta respirar y lo mismo ocurre en la reconstrucciòn.
    ¡Bravo!, ¡Bravo!, ¡Bravo!
    ¡Aplausos!, ¡aplausos! para vos, estoy muy feliz con tu noticia.
    Besitos y mucha fuerza que ya termina todo esto y pronto vas a estar recuperada del todo.
    Adriana 🙂

  4. Liz Walker says:

    HOORAY FOR BOOBIES!!! this is great news, sorry taken so long to respond as I was not well yesterday so was off work, reading your blog fills me with such happiness, I’m sooooo pleased for you Pricey and your fantastic results 🙂 love Liz xx

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