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Cancer Is a Marathon

Cancer is a marathon and I’m on the ‘final straight’. So how come I feel like crap? Read my latest HuffPost blog here:


4 thoughts on “Cancer Is a Marathon

  1. Carol says:


    Fico feliz de saber da Corrida! And by the way
    I dont really see a cancer patient, i see a
    Marathon winner 🙂
    Have a great year!

  2. Liz Walker says:

    This blog is very powerful in what you are saying and I can only understand from what I have read in your blog what you have been through the last months as not experienced this but you know how brave I think you are and how positive you always talk, also being such an active person even when you feel so tired and in pain, you know I’m always there at the end of the phone any time of the day chick, all my love Liz xx

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