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Boob Tattoos, 5-Centimetre Soup and 66 Grays of Radiation

“Boob Tattoos, Five-Centimetre Soup and 66 Grays of Radiation: A Radiotherapy Diary” – my latest blog for the Huffington Post:


7 thoughts on “Boob Tattoos, 5-Centimetre Soup and 66 Grays of Radiation

  1. Irene says:

    hi laura, i was wondering if you could share the brand of aloe vera gel you use. i am at midway point of my radiation therapy, and my skin is getting red and dark in color. i have yet to find a good cream to use. please help. thanks. 🙂

    • Of course! It’s called “aloe pura” aloe vera gel – 99.9% BioActive Aloe Vera. I’m in Ireland at the moment but you can probably get it in England. I’m not sure whether it’s because of that but I’ve had practically no skin reaction. I was told to use either that or E45 cream. Let me know if you can’t find it in the UK and I’ll find the shop and you can see if they’ll send you some!

      • Irene says:

        Hi laura, thanks for your quick reply. I am actually in Canada. I had purchased an Aloe Vera “gel” (it was more like water) by Aubrey (an organic brand), but my doctor said that i shouldn’t use it because there’s vitamin E in it and insisted I use a drug store cream, which contains paraben. So anyways, I’ve been feeling very frustrated because I can see my skin getting red but don’t know what to do about it. I will look into the product you used and see if i can find it here. Lastly, is there anyway I can email you directly with some questions. Thanks.

      • Irene I am in Canada too… I bought an aloe plant from Whole Foods and use the goo straight from the plant. But not on open wound. Just when it was red and like a sun burn. It helped immensely with speeding up healing process.

      • Thanks for commenting, Ashley! I emailed Irene and sent her the link to your blog since you’re both in Canada (I appreciate in totally different parts of the country). I thought that aloe straight from the plant would be a great idea too!

  2. Laura… I loved this post. It brought me back to remembering the funny numbers they would call out for lining me up too… 5 9 right. 98 6 lat. point 2 imph. whatever the heck that means! lol… I love that yours sounded like a food!

    Hope you are doing good these days… it is a lot to bounce back from. I am still feeling fatigued from tx. Not sure if it’s from chemo/rads or Tamoxifen though.

    Hugs girly! xo

    • Thanks Ashley, glad you liked it – thought it would be good to convey what it’s like being in that room with all the radiation therapists bustling around you and calling out numbers. There was often a student doctor in my treatment sessions!

      I am feeling exhausted now too. It’s a long slog. You must still be on a high from your gene test result though! Hope you have a great weekend and hugs back at ya xx

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