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Wall-Climbing, Marathon Running & a Thing Called Life

IMG_5525No news is good news, right?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and that should be interpreted as a good thing. It means there has been no cancer news and no cancer treatment, apart from me trying to remember to take my daily doses of Tamoxifen, Vitamin D, fish oil, Co-enzyme Q-10, turmeric, ginger and 27,000 servings of vegetables…

Yep, I’ve been getting on with a thing called Life for the past few hospital-free weeks, and I have to say, I’ve been enjoying it. Yes, I am still tired from the chemo and radiotherapy and I do still look a bit like a peeled potato when I take off my eyebrow make-up, but otherwise I am infinitely hairier and simply happy to be alive, as you can see in the above photo of me and my team.

Those of you who don’t see me every day at work have been asking how my hair is doing, so here’s an up-to-date photo:


And how do I feel about it?

2. I am so grateful to have hair.
3. I am thankful every day in the shower when it doesn’t fall out in my hands.
4. I know it still looks kinda bald from the back, but I couldn’t care less – I love it.
5. I can’t really describe to you how amazing it feels to have just this little bit of regrowth… But I have got a lot of my confidence back in these past few weeks and I feel fantastic.
6. I can’t stop touching it.
7. I could do with a hairbrush – one of those really soft baby hairbrushes.
8. Does anyone know where I can get one?

So that’s it on the hair front, really. I did also spend £50 on some sort of eyelash-strengthening product from Boots but I’m not convinced it’s doing anything at all. Strangely, my lower eyelashes are growing back thick and fast but my upper ones (i.e. the ones I could really do with having) aren’t growing back at all yet. And my eyebrows are growing back in totally the wrong place as well, but beggars can’t be choosers.

IMG_3217In other news, my friend Chris decided to take on the amazing Eddie-Izzard-esque challenge of running three marathons in three days in freezing cold conditions this very weekend, to raise money for the brilliant charity Coppafeel! on my behalf. This incredibly crazy challenge on the UK’s Jurassic Coast just happened to coincide with one of the coldest, wettest, rainiest, windiest, snowiest, blizzardy-est weekends of recent years, and led Chris to endure knee-height floods, mud, killer hills and all manner of chafing. Nevertheless, he has trooped right through it and here he is looking very dapper in his orange top and sexy pink Coppafeel! accessories!

At the time of writing, Chris has raised an incredible £1,388 for Coppafeel!, which raises awareness about breast cancer in younger women. However, it’s not too late to sponsor him! Please just click on this link if you’d like to donate to this extremely worthy charity.

882322_10152660363165627_1369138213_oWhile I can’t quite claim to have run 78 miles this weekend, I have reached a few little milestones of my own lately too. Last week, for instance, I went indoor climbing with my team and reached the top of a few easy routes. Each 5-minute climb was so exhausting and exhilarating that I came down trembling and panting for breath, but it felt like such an achievement to reach the top and just to be able to do the same physical activity my colleagues were doing. I’m definitely not back to the same fitness levels I had before chemo, but considering there were times during chemo when I could barely even stand up, I’d say this was a pretty awesome achievement. There I am, above, looking like a little spider at the top of the wall.

It’s not all fun and games, however. Next week hails my return to the hospital, for my 9-month check-up with the surgeon who saved my life. From reading a lot of other cancer blogs in the past few months, I know my fellow surviving sisters tend to get extremely panicked about these check-ups, thinking a new lump is going to be discovered and they’ll be summoned back to hospital for endless months of stomach-wrenching chemo. Thankfully, I am not a worrier and my positive thinking tells me everything is going to be just fine. (Though keep your fingers crossed for me, just in case!)


19 thoughts on “Wall-Climbing, Marathon Running & a Thing Called Life

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  2. Adriana says:

    Què lindo Lauri todo lo que contàs. Yo cruzo los dedos pero no hay por què preocuparse porque todo estarà muy bien! Besos, extrañaba tus mensajes!!!!

  3. Impressed by the wall climbing! Am also starting to feel normal again though sometimes the knackeredness kicks in when you least expect! Also loving new hair which is slow but sure. Agree with the positive thinking – am so much more appreciative of everything I have! Yesterday TNT delivered my gene results – all clear yippee!! Hope you too are feeling better each day. Xxx

    • That’s amazing news, congratulations! So many things to celebrate 🙂 So glad your hair is doing well as well – and yes, ditto on the knackeredness when you least expect it! Mine seems to come when I’ve had the most sleep! xx

  4. Great update lady! Love the hair… I too couldn’t stop touching mine! So soft and fuzzy! Like a baby duckling!

    Good luck at next week’s follow up. I feel it in my heart too that everything is gonna be just fine!

    Lots of love to ya! xo

  5. Victoria says:

    Love that soft hair (and soft skin too!) Mine actually grew out enough that I could get it cut and styled in a real hair salon. How cool is that?

    Best wishes and positive vibes from Versailles, France. 🙂


    • That’s great, Victoria! I can’t wait til I have enough hair to have my first hair cut! Hope you are happy and healthy now and sending positive vibes back at you from snowy Dublin! 🙂 Laura xx

    • Thanks Catherine… Yeah I’m not too worried about this one but perhaps that’s a bad thing!? I kind of feel like it’s not too significant anyway because I’m not having a mammogram… I guess that will happen at the 1-year appointment.
      I have a hairbrush now, yay! And yay for hair indeed 🙂 Big love and Happy Easter to you, Laura xx

    • Thanks Kimm! Chris did amazingly well. I am going to be at home this weekend so might see you – that’s if you are not completely snowed in up there, which I imagine you might be! xx

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