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HuffPost Dating After Cancer: “Single, Bald Female (30) Seeks…”

photo (2)A few months ago, I put myself on an Internet dating website. I was still having radiotherapy for my breast cancer and barely had a few sprouts of hair on my head, but after eight months of being cooped up at home during surgery and chemotherapy, I was more than ready to put myself back out there.

The question was how to advertise myself. You see, an Internet dating profile is like a CV. Just as you have to find a way to explain the massive cancer-shaped hole in your resumé, you also have to think about how to factor your illness into future relationships.

Should I post an old picture of myself with flowing locks and bushy brows and not mention that I ever had cancer? Or should I use a photo of my natural, bald self and come clean about my possible infertility, ongoing treatment and scarred breast?

To read the rest of this article on the Huffington Post website, please click here.


14 thoughts on “HuffPost Dating After Cancer: “Single, Bald Female (30) Seeks…”

  1. Adriana Tomalino says:

    Laurita, sos una genia!!! Este tema, de como rehacer la vida, es mi gran problema sin resolver. ¡Te admiro!
    Me alegro mucho que hayas encontrado a un buen caballero y ojalá vaya todo bien.
    Te mando muchos besos!! Adri.

  2. Laura you absolutely rock! Internet dating is a minefield at the best of times. You are an inspiration to my single friends who are too afraid to put themselves out there but bemoan the lack of eligible men.
    So pleased you found a nice man and as you say, who knows what will happen.
    You’re my hero xxx

    • Aw, thank you! I’m no hero! It was fun, if nothing else… As I said to someone yesterday, if laughter is the best medicine, they should prescribe Internet dating to all of us because it’s bloody hilarious reading all the ridiculous messages you get!! Hope you’re well xxx

      • I did it sporadically for years. Some great responses, some awful! A couple of mini boyfriends and some disastrous fails! Mysinglefriend.com was my most fun experience! The men were better looking but no where near ready for real commitment. You still have my utmost respect x

  3. This is such an inspiring story. Well done, Laura, for posting an honest profile of yourself online. It just goes to show that it’s true what they say: honesty does pay. 🙂
    Here’s wishing you improved health, and hoping you continue to enjoy the relationship.
    Best Wishes. Julia
    P.S. I tried to leave a comment on the Huffington Post site, but I think the technology took a dislike to me!

    • Thanks Julia, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Why is it always so complicated trying to leave comments on these sites?! Glad you left it here anyway. Best wishes, Laura xx

  4. You are so brave and so beautiful, with or without hair. How wonderful to know that there are still genuinely nice guys out there who will hold your hair when you puke! By the way, the image of the boar showing up on the first date made me laugh out loud. A boar for a bore!

  5. Kate says:

    I am single, thirty-something and have recently started chemotherapy for breast cancer. Your article was fantastic and inspired me to lay it all out there on a dating website and I am so glad that I did. Thank you!

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