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Vita: Let’s Talk About Periods

IMG_0318Last month, I got my period. This wouldn’t normally be headline news, but considering it was the first one in the eight months since my penultimate chemotherapy session, it was rather a big deal to me.

I’m writing about this because it’s a seldom talked about part of the breast cancer experience, yet for many pre-menopausal women it’s one of the single greatest concerns during treatment. Will my periods come back after chemo? Will I still be able to have children in the future?

So, despite the fact that we don’t talk about periods, I decided to write about mine. Here goes…

To read the rest of this post in Breast Cancer Care UK’s Vita Magazine, click here.

(And if you don’t want to read the post, have a look at this picture of me and my survivor girlfriends in Daymer Bay, Cornwall last week!)


8 thoughts on “Vita: Let’s Talk About Periods

    • Not actually that simple, Jim! I have to wait at least five years while I’m on the Tamoxifen. After that, we’ll see. Not that I would want to have kids right now anyway. Hope you’re well

  1. Adriana Tomalino says:

    Holaaaaa Lauri!!!, muy buena noticia. Mi experiencia fue parecida a la tuya y me alegré muuuuucho cuando la menstruación volvió a aparecer. Uno se siente más cerca de ser la mujer que era antes de esta bomba atómica. La cosa es muy irregular pero aparentemente podría haber chance de tener niños, depende de que los folículos que se formen sean viables, entre otras cosas. Preparate porque, tamoxifeno mediante, habrá períodos como los de antes y otros que son demasiado abundantes (más de lo que te imaginas), toda una revolución en el cuerpo.
    Todo esto es estar del lado de la vida.
    Te abrazo fuerte! Adri.

  2. I was the same age as you when diagnosed last year, and did go down the IVF route. My partner and I were about to start a family when I was diagnosed at 29 so it was really important to me to cover bases, for my future self, whoever she is. I had to squeeze in a two week intensive self-injecting programme between my mastectomy and starting chemo; looking back it was a crazy time, and I auto-piloted through it. I have 7 embryos on ice. Such a strange thought. It was a hard decision to make, and yet not hard at all, so many strange forms to fill in, but I had the support of my partner, and I didn’t want my life plans dictated any more by this stupid C. Thanks for sharing your experience, I didn’t seek much information about options and wish I could have had more time to think about everything, as you say with the potential risks to myself. I do hope things work out for you! Best wishes! xx

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