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The Mullet and the Bald Patch

imageLong after chemo ends, a strange and somewhat unexpected thing happens in the post-cancer world: You grow a mullet. Yes, a mullet, that most glorious and beautiful of haircuts only sported in modern times by Argentine footballers and, er, people who are growing their hair from scratch after chemo.

That’s right, while several months ago I was told I looked like the Mexican footballer Chicarito, I recently found myself bearing a closer resemblance to Messi.

There was only one thing for it: the mullet had to go.

20130906-211223.jpgSo, a year and a month after that fateful pre-chemo haircut that turned me into a PFF (Pixie Fan Forever), I finally got my first post-chemo haircut. In Vietnam. For £5. A bargain at the price.

It had been a long time coming. My hair has grown so slowly I didn’t even think it was worth a trim, but after detecting one too many disapproving looks from fashionable friends and acquaintances, I decided it was time to nip the fast-developing mullet in the bud.

I’m delighted with the results, only I still have The Bald Patch. Everyone keeps telling me it’s not actually a bald patch, “it’s just the way it’s growing on top” or “it’s just a bit thin there, that’s all,” but I’m still not convinced. It looks like a bald patch to me. (In the below pic, the bottom right is the before pic and the others are all after.)


Anyway, bald patch or no bald patch, I honestly could not care less. I’ve never been a girlie girl or a hair straighteners girl, but I now care even less than ever about being perfectly groomed. I am absolutely delighted to have a full head of (albeit very short) hair, but beyond that, and far more importantly, I am still unbelievably grateful and relieved that I’m alive and healthy. Not a single day goes by where I don’t worry that the cancer will return. And I’d happily have a mullet and a bald patch for the rest of my life as long as I don’t have cancer.

20130906-212005.jpgNext week, I return from Vietnam to have my long-awaited MRI scan at the Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. The MRI is recommended for women under 40 because it’s more reliable (and less harmful) than a mammogram, so the results are very important to me. I’m quite certain there’ll be nothing untoward on the scan, but it would be fantastic to get a definitive all-clear. And then hopefully, just hopefully, I’ll really have something to celebrate.


6 thoughts on “The Mullet and the Bald Patch

  1. You look adorable in your pixie cut! I’ve always been a “long haired/curling iron/straightener” type of gal, but now I am a “Pixie cut that requires less than 2 minutes to blow dry and I’m done” type of gal, LOL. It’s amazing how cancer changes our priorities, eh?

  2. Bryan says:

    Let´s see.. Thailand? Grrrreat! My mouth is watering as I type, drooling all over the keyboard… I’d blame the dog, but I don’t have one…
    Bald patch? not so much, just an under-developed zone that will soon be densely populated with PPF (pixie-perfect follicles)
    “…worrying every day…” I hope that is more literary than literal, worrying reduces your defenses and that can allow the cancer to come back easier, which surely you know, so…. don’t worry, be happy! Go for a run!

  3. Hair looking brilliant! It looks like you have a double crown at the back so is perfectly normal I think and will cover as it grows longer. Good luck next week with the MRI am sure you’ll be glad to get that over with. Hope you enjoyed your hols – hope the course goes well too! Lisa x ps am totally with you on the daily cancer reminder thing – have come off the ybcn Facebook group as I found the posts and constant updates actually made it worse and scared me half to death… Although from a positive point of view since I had cancer I am far more laid back and chilled as I am just happy still to be here 🙂

    Sent from my lovely iPhone

  4. Claire in Dublin says:

    U look fab! Am going for my first cut as hair starting to shed this week. It does make u change ur priorities alright!
    Thats not a bald patch xxx be well xxx

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