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The Finishing Line

IMG_2644Why do I always pick the hottest, sunniest days for these things?

Anyway, I did it: The Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2 hours 13 mins 1 second. That’s only 12 minutes behind my pre-cancer, pre-chemo, pre-radiotherapy record, so it’s fair to say I’m pretty chuffed.

What an amazing day.

A huge, huge thank you to my running buddy, Karen, to all who came along to watch and cheer (particularly Mum, Sarah and Dan, and Sophie), to the men dressed as giant squirrels who served as my pacemakers throughout, and to all you very generous people who have sponsored us. We’ve raised almost £2,000 for Coppafeel!







4 thoughts on “The Finishing Line

  1. Kayelene Leaker says:

    Congratulations. What an achievement so pleased the shoes made it. I was cheering for you from down under! Well done you must be feeling very chuffed

    We having pink ribbon October here in Australia so there are many opportunities to be involved kaye

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  2. liz walker says:

    Well done to you, Karen and all the other runners, you are such a star, very proud of you Pricey, hope to catch up at Christmas time xx

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