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Vita: MRI or Mammogram?

Anyone who has ever survived primary breast cancer will know the feeling of fear that lives with you every single day. That is, the fear that the disease will at some point return or metastasise, leading to incurable secondary breast cancer.


Apologies for the recycled MRI selfie, but you can never have too many selfies

For survivors like me, there is no ‘screening’ for metastasis. But what doctors can do is regularly check the breasts themselves for recurrence, with manual examinations, mammograms and MRI scans.

I, however, have been somewhat confused over the last six months about whether I’m supposed to be having MRIs or mammograms from now on.

So, in my latest post for Breast Cancer Care UK’s Vita Magazine, I talk about the national guidelines and recommendations for MRIs.

Disclaimer: This should by no means be taken as ‘advice,’ because I am not your doctor. But hopefully it’ll give people a better idea about the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s guidelines, and from there you can ask the experts.


One thought on “Vita: MRI or Mammogram?

  1. Adriana says:

    Laurita!!! ¿Cómo estás? Seguramente tendrás controles anuales como yo, que incluyen varias cosas: RX tórax, centellograma óseo, mamografía, ecografía mamaria, ecografía transvaginal, ecografía abdominal, análisis de sangre.

    Le pregunté a mi oncóloga sobre Angelina Jolie y me dijo que es correctísimo (y también lo sería la extirpación de los ovarios) lo que ha hecho de acuerdo a su genética + para los dos genes BRCA1 y BRCA2, sumado a su historia familiar tan evidente y clara.

    Muchos besos!!

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