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Chemotherapy: Round Three

In your FACE, insomnia! I slept for 7 hours after the warning of a steroid-induced sleepless night.

Amazingly, the magic pills brought my blood count right back up so Brandi and I were able to have the chemo today. I am fairly convinced they got my test tubes mixed up with someone else’s since the levels went up from 0.5 yesterday to 5.3 today. It doesn’t take a medical genius to see that’s a pretty big change but I’ve got to trust my doctor!

After another full day in hospital I am utterly exhausted (and not at all hyper, like I apparently should be after the steroids) and ready for a long sleep. But not before I have a massive bowl of pasta and pine nuts – the steroids do at least make me ravenous, though that’s nothing unusual.

Unfortunately, the boiler has broken at home and we have no heating or hot water. My Dad spent 5 hours trying to get through to British Gas yesterday but typically on the first day of cold weather when the entire country switches on their boilers for the first time in six months, they were a tad busy. Fortunately the gas man is coming around tonight and the cat has already availed herself of the electric radiator in my room.

As you can see, the weather forecast is entirely favourable towards me spending a week in bed, so that I shall do! I am feeling pretty shocking and definitely ready for a loooong sleep.

So, it’s three down, three to go!! I won’t consider myself officially half way through chemo until I’ve got through the next few days of general yuckiness, but nevertheless please have a drink on my behalf to celebrate the almost-half-way mark! Woo hoo!