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Chemotherapy: Round Six

Yes, I really did wear my birthday bunny onesie to the hospital yesterday. It had to be done, given Monday’s good news re: the BRCA gene result and then the fact that it was my final chemo session. And guess what? Not a single person commented! A few people looked me up and down with amused faces, but not even the oncologist batted an eyelid when I turned around to leave his office, revealing my white bunny tail! (Pippa Middleton, eat your heart out). Well, these people have clearly seen it all.

(That’s mother in the background beavering away relentlessly at her work – she never ceases.)

The day in hospital took a little longer than usual, but the chemo itself flew by. Nurse Alison was one of the best I’ve had yet and she managed to get the needle and cannula into my hand with the minimum of fuss, effort and pain, much to my relief. The ice torture wasn’t even as bad this time – I swear the gloves were warmer, or maybe I’m just getting used to it. There was a period of about 15 minutes with the second pair of fresh ice gloves when my hand was completely numb and I thought it was going to drop off, but the fact that I knew it was my final chemo made it all easier to bear.

The good news is the oncologist agreed with the geneticist that I don’t need to have the mastectomy operation. The combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and five years of Tamoxifen on my left breast is the equivalent of having a mastectomy, he said. Of course, there is much more of a risk of getting breast cancer on my right-hand side at some point, but if this happened, I could have the same treatment of surgery, chemo and radio again (God forbid this never, ever happens). And if I get a recurrence on my left side, I’d have to have a mastectomy then. He said the double mastectomy and reconstruction at this stage would be such a huge and fairly risky operation that my situation doesn’t merit taking the risk, so I shall now cast all doubts from my mind and concentrate on getting back to my life – a very, very happy day!

My blood count yesterday, even after two days of steroids to boost it, was still almost too low to have chemo, and the oncologist had decided that my infection and high temperature a couple of weeks ago were the effects of the chemo, so he has given me more steroids to take for the next few days, plus some other drugs to offset the side effects of the steroids, so this is the grand total of what I’m on at the moment:

– The Taxotere chemo itself

– Dexamethasone steroids (I’m in hot-flush heaven right now…)

– Once-a-day injection of Filgrastim for 10 days to boost my bone marrow/immune system

– Lansoprazole to offset steroid side effects

– Senokot to ward off the constipation

– A healthy cocktail of Co-Enzyme Q-10 and multivitamins

– Aspirins in a few days’ time when the pain sets in

– Tamoxifen starting in three weeks for five years!

Uff! That’s definitely the most drugs I’ve ever taken, I’d say!

So, the next steps… well, it’s not over yet. I have to go back to see the oncologist in 3 weeks for a check up. No doubt my blood count will be very low by then as it’s never recovered properly and I won’t be taking the steroids any more, but fingers crossed there’ll be no infections this time. Then I start taking Tamoxifen, the drug to reduce my oestrogen levels for five years, and in 3 weeks I also go to Dublin to meet the radiotherapy team.

Then, fingers crossed, radiotherapy in January and February, then back to see the surgeon in March, back to see the oncologist in June and so on and so forth returning to the hospital for the rest of my life!

I confess I had a bit of a sugar binge last night because I really felt the need for sugar and thought, if you can’t have some Haagen Dazs ice cream, ginger ale and prawn cocktail crisps on your final day of chemo, when can you have some Haagen Dazs ice cream, ginger ale and prawn cocktail crisps?! Plus, the oncologist is absolutely adamant that what I eat has nothing to do with my cancer so if it were left to him, I could just continue as normal. But I’ll give all those nutritionists the benefit of the doubt and continue with my healthy eating from now on…

Finally, thanks to Kimm and Howard, who sent me these gorgeous flowers about 20 minutes after I got my gene test result on Monday. Beautiful!

Now it’s off to rest for a few days… This bunny is DONE with chemo!


9 thoughts on “Chemotherapy: Round Six

    • Thanks! Well, maybe he did smile as I turned around and left the room with my bunny tail – I just didn’t see him react when I went into his office! I’m so relieved I’m done with that nasty chemo, and even more relieved about the BRCA news. Hope you’re well too! Laura xx

  1. Liz Walker says:

    Love the bunny outfit chick, the bunny tail is fantastic and I’m sure the doctor had a little smile when you left, I want one 🙂 xx

  2. Deirdre says:

    Wow what a week – no mascetomy, no more chemo and best of all no BRCA gene you must be on cloud nine – love the bunny suit – wow your chemo looks way way way better then where I get nuked!!! What are the ice gloves for? Keep on trucking

  3. Adriana Tomalino says:

    Me vas a prestar el traje de conejo? està buenìsimo.
    Felicitaciones por el logro alcanzado, YA comienza una etapa nueva en tu vida. Besos y abrazos de conejo.

    • Gracias, Adriana! Si, te lo presto algun dia pero vas a tener calor en el verano con el traje! hehe
      Estoy realmente muy feliz con el resultado de lunes y animada para las proximas etapas!
      Besos y buen fin de semana, Laura

  4. Bryan Foat says:

    Who knew chemo sessions could be…well for lack of a better word… cute! You look so cuddly. Your “do” is so natural that until just seconds ago I didn’t remember that it is not 100% natural. Now, if you wear cute bunny PJs (or is it a running suit?) in public, what do you wear in more private moments? hahaha ;-o
    Congrats on all the good news, good prospects going forward, good attitude, etc.

    • haha, thanks! 99% of the time I’m still bald, I only wear the wigs for about an hour when I go out of the house, but it’s good to know they look realistic! We’ve just hit zero degrees C here in Yorkshire and it’s due to snow tomorrow, so my bunny suit is proving perfect for the colder climes and chemo recovery!
      Hope you’re doing well too and have a great weekend, Laura

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