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The MRI Results

Some happy Friday news. I got my MRI scan results, and all is good (or, at least, ‘satisfactory,’ to use the doctor-speak). Here’s what the consultant said:

This is to inform you that your recent MRI scan of your breasts performed at Wythenshawe Hospital was satisfactory and showed no sinister features. We are reassured by this.

We will see you again as planned.

What a relief. I must admit it’s terrifying that I’ll have to wait another year until I have any kind of test again, but in the cancer-survival world, no news is good news.


5 thoughts on “The MRI Results

  1. Liz Walker says:

    I’m well chuffed for you Pricey, that is the best news I’ve heard for a long time, have a fab weekend celebrating 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Kaye leaker says:

    Wonderful news. You must be very relieved. Have just contributed to a fund raising party a friend of my son’s held to celebrate her five year results pink is everywhere in Adelaide as we hold pink ribbon for breast cancer research. Enjoy each day love Kaye

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